Add A.C. Frieden to your summer reading list

A friend of mine, the amazingly talented writer, speaker and science geek, has given me a hearty recommendation for A.C. Frieden which means (because she has never steered me wrong) that I am on board.

Sailor's PillarFrieden has an official website, and Tranquility Denied is already on my kindle.  The book’s protagonist, Jonathan Brooks, uncovers a plot involving Navy secrets and cold war corruption that takes him from New Orleans to Moscow.  What could be better?

Fair disclosure that Frieden’s biography is eerily like my own.  He is an intellectual property attorney, has a bit of a thing going with Russia, and he writes espionage thrillers/mysteries.  Not sure if this makes me biased, but based on his positive reviews and sales, I’m not alone.

Plus, Sue, a fellow reader of Frieden’s at Printer’s Row in Chicago this past weekend, was very intrigued by his writing,.  So, enough for me.   I hope to review one of his books soon – let me know if you’ve already read some.

Happy reading.

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