What I’m Reading . . .


I have been delinquent in my Summer  posts . . . but not in my reading.  So, until I catch up (and maybe beyond), I thought I’d post what I’ve been reading lately.

Although I won’t give a full review here, I’ll let you know what I thought of the book.  Check out posts for updates on these books.

**** = excellent, read it now!!

*** = good, I would recommend

** = well, pretty good; maybe you should borrow it

* = pass

True Stories of the (mostly) Flawless Penelope Hazard, J. Grant Fiero ****

A Man of Some Repute, Elizabeth Edmondson ***

Why Didn’t They Ask Evans, Agatha Christie ***

The Seven Dials Mystery, Agatha Christie ***

Boxer Beetle, Ned Baumann **1/2

Wayward Pines Trilogy, Blake Crouch ***1/2

Fencing with Death, Elizabeth Edmondson ***

Finding Phillipe, Elizabeth Edmondson **1/2

The Villa in Italy, Elizabeth Edmondson **1/2

Voyage of Innocence ***

Euphoria, Lily King ****

Stephen King, Finders Keepers ****

American Gods, Neil Gaiman ***

The Late Scholar, Dorothy Sayers & Jill Patton Walsh ***

Department of Speculation, Jenny Offil **1/2

A Beam of Light, Andrea Camilleri ****

The Impersonator, Mary Miley, *** 1/2

Silent Murders, Mary Miley *** 1/2



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